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March 8, 2007

ไปเจอกระทู้ที่แปะ link ลากไปที่ pantip.com อีกที มีเด็ก ม.6 ถ่ายทำหนังสั้นแล้วเอามาโพสใน YouTube


February 13, 2007

I guess people who age more than 20 are supposed to know Mario, the classic computer game from Nintendo. The adventure of Mario to rescue princess from Kupa (the dragon, I presumed) fulled with adventure and excitement that hard to refuse. The game has so much to offer for kids. However, one thing that I had never noticed was the great of music of this game.


September 22, 2006

Once again I found this one on YouTube.com
Thanks Keaw for sending me this clip, it is darn cool!!!!!